Yoshi Mobility debuts groundbreaking mobile EV charging technology

Yoshi Mobility debuts groundbreaking mobile EV charging technology

Today Yoshi Mobility, the leading tech-enabled mobile car care company, announced the first-of-its-kind electric vehicle (EV) mobile charging technology. The news follows its Series C fundraise announcement, in which the company shared plans to commercialize its mobile EV charging platform to address current and future challenges faced by fleet owners looking to electrify their operations. 

The new high-power mobile charging unit creates a supercharger on wheels. The charger is vehicle platform agnostic, allowing any electric vehicle to be turned into a mobile charger. Yoshi Mobility’s charger is the first fully electric, zero-emission mobile charger on the market that can charge at 240kW and deliver multiple charges to a fleet of vehicles in one trip. The mobile charging technology will premier on the General Motors BrightDrop Zevo 600 vehicle.

“Our mobile charging technology is a breakthrough in the EV charging industry,” said Bryan Frist, Yoshi Mobility’s CEO & Co-Founder. “We believe that this mobile solution will play a critical role in expediting the adoption of electric vehicles nationwide. It is one more product that we have built for our fleet customers, and it furthers our mission to make car ownership and management frictionless.”

Yoshi Mobility’s DC fast-charger has the capacity to electrify an entire parking lot, whether it is at a large fleet yard or a corporate campus with thousands of vehicles.

“When designing this solution, we started with the customer experience and worked our way back to the technology,” said Dan Hunter, Yoshi Mobility’s Chief EV Officer & Co-Founder. “Our team built this first-of-its-kind charging solution by leveraging our deep engineering expertise and experience building automotive-focused technologies.”

Already this year, Yoshi Mobility has deployed its EV charging solutions to service major OEMs, autonomous vehicle companies, and rideshare operators across the country. Initial customers consist of large EV operators managing hundreds of light-duty vehicles requiring up to 1 megawatt of energy per day. The solutions provide a turnkey gap-charging option for EV fleet operators who do not have a way to get connected to the utility grid to charge their vehicles.

“We recognized a demand among our customers for convenient daily charging, reliable private charging networks, and proper charging infrastructure to support their fleet vehicles as they transition to electric,” said Hunter. “They face a multitude of frustrating challenges including limited grid capacity, costly utility upgrades, long-lead times for hardware installations, and a lack of reliability with the available public infrastructure. Our technology is a pain-killer that enables them to overcome these hurdles and run their EV operations efficiently.” 

Pricing is based on location and enterprise charging needs. Yoshi Mobility can deploy its service to U.S.-based customers within 10 days once under contract for service. For more information, please visit: www.yoshimobility.com/EV