Partnering with Turo for Nationwide Virtual Vehicle Inspections

Partnering with Turo for Nationwide Virtual Vehicle Inspections

In case you missed it, we just announced that we are partnering with Turo to make life easier for its hosts by offering virtual vehicle inspections! Taking a vehicle to a brick-and-mortar service shop can be a time-intensive process filled with headaches and hassle, especially for small business owners who miss out on revenue-generating opportunities with every hour that their vehicle is offline. Our partnership with Turo will make it faster for the hosts on the platform to ensure the safety of their vehicles so they can enhance their vehicle profiles and maximize earnings.

My colleague Jon Miller (our Head of Growth) put it this way: “Virtual vehicle inspections are yet another innovative way that the Yoshi platform is making car ownership and management frictionless for a major population of car owners. Our technology is well-positioned to help drivers nationwide through our unique combination of a certified technician, AI-powered customer service, and data insights from connected car vehicles.”

This partnership announcement is yet another milestone in our hyper-growth trajectory, and we’re looking forward to continuing to introduce new automotive service offerings that meet the needs of today’s car owners.

Check out the press release and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d be interested in learning more about our full menu of services and working together.

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